The 100% Electric Kona SUV

All-new Santa Fe

Arriving August 2018


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"Ben Crowe in Christchurch Tuam st - was a great salesman he made me feel like considering this car more than I thought I was going to -- he showed all the good stuff between the elite and the other cheaper version and also was honest in his presentation - I like salesman who doesn't push push push but can deliver with honesty of why the cheaper model really is as good for my needs as I don't need all the bells and whistles - this man was lovely and deserves a pat on the back"

"Quentin - show us and explained features of the car - he definitely knew his stuff and sold us the car that we were only going to look at. We had not intended to buy but Quentin sold us. Mary - Business Manager - Mary arranged all the finance for us and made it happen so to speak - Mary also explained everything in detail to me so that I understood exactly what was happening, Mary helped make this purchase as seamless as possible. Both Mary and Quentin are a credit to your business. Kieran was also very polite and helpful."

"Dougal Cockram was very good to deal with. Very pleasant. He also provided a late model Santa Fe as a courtesy car and checked that the vehicle meet my needs. Overall I am very pleased to have purchased from this dealer. The car has not been without problems but they have sorted them out for me."

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